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Anais Urlichs

Anais Urlichs

AnaisUrlichs - Overview

Speaking at your event


The following page provides an overview of the requirements and standards of events that I speak at:

Speaking Requirements

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if that sounds like your event:


You can find previous speaking engagements, presentation slides & recordings on the following page:

Anais' Public Speaking

Lastly, here is all the speaker information you need to list me on your event page:

Speaker Info

My career path

You can find a detailed talk about my career here:


Video Recording

Additional Links


Join me along my challenge of 100 Days Of Kubernetes in which I explore a new topic related to Kubernetes across 100 Days!


My Resume

You want to work with me? Below is a sample of my CV. However, LinkedIn is more accurate.

Anais Urlichs CV

You can always reach out

100 Days Of Kubernetes Book

The public notes are available here in the form of an open-source book:

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